[Yanel-dev] Deactivated or not published yet pages

Michael Wechner michael.wechner at wyona.com
Wed Dec 10 10:30:43 CET 2008

Guillaume Déflache schrieb:
> Michael Wechner schrieb:
>> We recently had the following usecase:
>> - Person A creates a page with a workflow associated with, but does 
>> not publish it, hence it should not be visible to the outside
>>  ( but Person A can see it, because A is logged in to Yanel)
>> - Person A copies this link and sends it to Person B for review
>> - Person B then receives this link by email, clicks on it and gets a 
>> 404 (because Person is not logged in)
>> and hence will be very confused
>> A similar case can happen when Person A is deactivating 
>> (un-publishing) a page and Person B still has a bookmark to it.
>> A 404 might make sense it certain cases, but I believe strongly, that 
>> it could also say something like
>> "This page does exist, but is not published currently"
>> WDYT?
> As long as you still cannot publish content which link to such a page, I
> guess it's OK, else there might be information leakage as for example a
> very early publication of
> http://example.com/50_percent_discount_on_all_products/ page which sole
> URL would already say too much! ;)

agreed, whereas I still believe one shoudln't hardcode the 404, but 
rather have it configurable somehow
> Also beware of not indexing anything including the URL for search as 
> well!

yes, whereas rather removing from the index.


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