[Yanel-dev] Access Log and Log4j 2

Michael Wechner michael.wechner at wyona.com
Fri Sep 9 03:16:01 EDT 2016

Hi Balz

The class AccessLog itself is also using log4j2 implementation import

but this is not used for the actual access logging
(logs/access-cnode1.log), but "internal" issues.

The access logging is setup inside YanelServlet

private static Logger logAccess = Logger.getLogger(AccessLog.CATEGORY);

which is still using log4j1 for the access logging (and hence configured
inside WEB-INF/classes/log4j.properties), which I think should actually
be changed to log4j2 eventually.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?



Am 09.09.16 um 07:48 schrieb basZero:
> Hi,
> question: yanel mainly upgraded to Log4j version 2, except for the
> Access Logging (AccessLog.java). Is there any other special
> configuration besides log4j.properties and log4j2.xml that makes it
> possible that AccessLog.java can log via the old log4j version into
> the Access Logfile?
> I'm not able to make other classes to log into the access log too,
> everything goes into the regular log4j2-cnode1 file via log4j v2...
> Any tips?
> Cheers, Balz

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