[Yanel-dev] Moving the conf directory

Alec Bickerton alec.bickerton at wyona.com
Mon Dec 8 15:31:28 CET 2008

Michael Wechner wrote:
> Hi
> In order to make Yanel re junit better usable with Eclipse it probably
> would make sense to move the conf directory into the src directory, so
> YANEL_HOME/src/conf
> instead

The location of the conf directory really isn't that big of a deal. As
long any property files are included in the src tree, Eclipse will
generally DTRT. Unfortunately, Eclipse doesn't handle files with the
same name as well as it could.

If you have many dependencies.xml in each resource. each of this will be
added to a single project output directory. Meaning you only get to keep
the last one in you output directory.

The solution that works for me is ...

1) Build YANEL from the command line.

2) Move all the files from WEB-INF/classes to another directory somewhere.

3) Delete all realm specific libs and clear the classes directory.

4) Add the directory you created in step 2 to your eclipse build path.

5) In Eclipse set your output directory to WEB-INF/classes

6) Add the libs in YANEL_HOME/local/tomcat/webapps/lib to your project.

You will now be able to build the realm code with extreme ease, although
 handling the data repositories is less simple. If I get time I'll
document how this can be done while preserving some performance in eclipse.

When working with Yanel itself, the process should be almost the same,
I've not needed to do this as yet, so It's left as an exercise for the


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