[Yanel-dev] Tomcat hangs problem (IBM JDK)

Michael Wechner michael.wechner at wyona.com
Wed Apr 30 10:18:18 CEST 2008

Dear All

We have recently deployed Yanel on a SUSE (kernel 
machine with IBM JDK (IBM J9 VM (build 2.3, J2RE 1.5.0 IBM J9 2.3 Linux 
amd64-64 j9vmxa6423-20061001) and after some time Tomcat started to hang 
and didn't process any requests anymore. But otherwise no errors showed 
up and it wasn't very strange. After some time we found the following post


and since we didn't find any other bugs, we decided to switch to Sun JDK 
(jdk1.5.0_15) and since then everything is fine.



Michael Wechner
Wyona      -   Open Source Content Management - Yanel, Yulup
michael.wechner at wyona.com, michi at apache.org
+41 44 272 91 61

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