[Yanel-dev] [Bug 5271] associate translations of a resource

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Tue Apr 10 17:15:55 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From josias.thoeny at wyona.org  2007-04-10 17:15 -------
The double-slash bug happens because:
- getPath() returns a path which starts with a slash
- backToRealm() returns a path with ends with a slash

When those two methods are used to create a link, we get one slash too many.
I'm not sure if one of those methods should be changed, or if we should simply
remove one slash before concatenating.

About xincluding the language links into the page content, it's not that easy,
because atm we can only xinclude a resource. (In case of the menu, it's a
navigation resource). That means that we would have to create a special resource
which provides the language links.
Maybe we could pass the language links as a parameter to the xslt instead,
although it's a bit hacky.


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